Java Spring Training Overview:

Java Spring and Hibernate Training:

  • Java Spring and Hibernate Development


  • Java Spring classroom training. Instructor led hands-on classes.

Java Spring Project Work:

  • Sample project using Java Spring and Hibernate with MySql
  • Oracle Java Course

Java Spring Course Length:

  • 3 Weeks or Fast Track 3 Days

Java Spring Training Includes:

  • Books / Course Material, Lab Exercises, Project work, Unlimited Lab Access, VAT, Free Re-training

Java Spring Training Locations:

  • Liverpool Street, London
  • London Bridge, London
  • Moorgate, London

Flexible Starting Dates:

  • Java Spring Training on Weekdays, Weekends and Evenings

Java Spring and Hibernate Framework Course Highlight

  • Java EE - Java Web Application
  • Java Spring - Spring Framework
  • Java Hibernate - Hibernate Framework

Detail Syllabus

Java Spring and Hibernate Framework

Java EE

  • Introduction to Java EE – Architecture, Features, Advantages etc...
  • Existing Enterprise application frameworks and comparision.

Introduction to Java Web Applications

  • Overview of Java Web Application Development
  • Overview of Servlets: advantages, disadvantages, API, life-cycle, etc.
  • Java Web Application development life-cycle
  • Writing Code
  • Compiling Code
  • Writing Deployment Descriptors (WEB-INF/web.xml files)
  • Packaging web applications (generating WAR files)
  • Deploying web applications (e.g. on Tomcat)
  • Overview of Java Servlet Filters: uses, API, life-cycle, etc.
  • Overview of JavaServer Pages (JSP): advantages, disadvantages, API, life-cycle, etc.
  • Overview of JSTL
  • Overview of JSP Expression Language (EL)
  • Best practices with Servlets and JSPs: examples and labs
  • Introduction to JDBC and focus on Boilerplate code.
  • Effective use of Connection Pools and issues with repetitive code.
  • Design issues with servlets, JSPs


  • Overview of Object-relational-mapping (ORM) frameworks
  • Overview of Hibernate: advantages, features, etc.
  • Overview of EJB3's JPA
  • Switching from JDBC to Hibernate
  • Installing and configuring Hibernate
  • Mapping entities with Hibernate Annotations
  • Mapping associations and collections
  • One-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many
  • Understanding directionality (e.g. bi-directional)
  • Mapping inheritance (understanding different strategies)
  • Getting and using Hibernate session
  • Understanding transactions
  • Storing entities
  • Retrieving data
  • Hibernate Query Language (HQL)
  • Named queries
  • Criteria API
  • Query by example
  • Filtering data
  • Understanding entity states: transient, persistent, and detached
  • Tuning Hibernate: fetching strategies and caching
  • Best-practices: examples, and labs


Spring Framework

  • Overview of Spring
  • Drawbacks of previous approachaes
  • Inversion of control (IoC) with Dependency Injection (DI) design patterns
  • Advantages of Spring: programming to interfaces, testability, modularity, etc.
  • Spring framework as a replacement for EJB
  • Overview of the Spring Container
  • Wiring beans with Spring
  • Via XML
  • Via Annotations
  • Spring-Hibernate integration
  • Transaction management
  • Via Annotations (@Transactional)
  • Via XML
  • Understanding transaction propagation
  • Understanding AOP in Spring
  • Overview of Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern
  • Overview of Spring MVC
  • Switching from Servlets to Spring
  • Installing and configuring Spring
  • Overview of Spring Controllers
  • Controller (interface) vs @Controller
  • Handler (controller) mapping strategies
  • View resolver strategies
  • Overview of Spring validation with JSR 303 with Hibernate Validator (@Valid, @NotNull, @Size, @NotEmpty, @Email, etc.)
  • Custom validation annotations and validators
  • Best-practices: examples, and labs

Spring Security Framework

  • Overview of container-managed security
  • Overview of Spring Security framework
  • Switching from container-managed to Spring security
  • Installing and configuring Spring Security
  • Exposing security context in the application
  • Creating authentication and authorization-aware user interfaces
  • Securing the business layer with JSR 250-style method-based annotations (AOP)

Price Info:

  • Hands-on Tutor Led Training
  • Classroom Based Practical Training
  • Unlimited Practice Lab Access
  • Small Size Class and Interactive Sessions
  • Lab Exercises
  • Mock Exam
  • WiFi Internet
  • Refreshments
  • Completion Certificate
  • Free Re-training
  • Cost is calculated at 70 percent Tuition Vatable and 30 percent Training Book(s) with 0 rated Vat

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Professional Package

Java OCP Certification £1490+Java Spring and Hibernate £1200

Offer Price £2300

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  • 6 months - £0 Upfront and monthly payments of £0
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