Revit Architecture Training Overview:


  • Autodesk Certified Professional


  • Revit classroom training. Instructor led hands-on classes.

Revit Project:

  • Project Work
  • Autodesk Certification

Revit Course Length:

  • 4 Weeks or Fast Track 4 Days

Revit Architecture Training Includes:

  • Hands-on Training, Lab Exercises, Project work, Unlimited Lab Access, Free Re-training

Revit Architecture Training Locations:

  • Liverpool Street, London
  • London Bridge, London
  • Moorgate, London

Flexible Starting Dates:

  • Revit Architecture Training on Weekdays, Weekends and Evenings

Detailed Syllabus

Revit Architecture Highlight

  • Autodesk Certified User
  • Autodesk Certified Professional

Price Info

  • Hands-on Tutor Led Training
  • Classroom Based Practical Training
  • Unlimited Practice Lab Access
  • Small Size Class and Interactive Sessions
  • Lab Exercises
  • Project Work
  • WiFi Internet
  • Refreshments
  • Completion Certificate
  • Free Re-training
  • Cost is calculated at 70 percent Tuition Vatable and 30 percent Training Book(s) with 0 rated Vat

Package Offer: Great Savings!!!

Professional Package

AutoCAD 2D and 3D - £990 + Revit Architecture - £990 : Total Price £1980

Career Package

AutoCAD 2D and 3D - £990 + Revit Architecture - £990 + Web and Graphic Design - £1190 : Total Price £3170

Specialised Package

AutoCAD 2D and 3D - £990 + Web and Graphic Design - £1190 : Total Price £2180

Autodesk Revit Architecture

Autodesk Revit Architecture

  • Autodesk Revit Architecture Interface
  • Interface, Properties Palette, Project Browser
  • Status Bar, View Control Bar
  • View Cube, Options Bar
  • Interface Workflow, Simple Layout
  • Filter, Mirror, and Trim/Extend
  • Adjusting Datums, Changing Element Types
  • Modifying Tools, Using Dimensions for Modifying Designs
  • Aligning Elements, Rotating, Grouping, and Arraying
  • Copying and Group Editing

Walls and Curtain Walls

  • Understanding Wall Types and Parameters
  • Basic, Stacked, Curtain Walls
  • Wall Configurations, Sketching Walls, Picking Walls
  • Hosting Elements in Walls
  • Instance Parameters, Editing Profiles
  • Attaching and Detaching the Top and Base
  • Modifying Curtain Walls
  • Editing the Elevation Profile
  • Adding and Modifying Grids and Mullions
  • Unpinning and Toggling Mullions

Floors, Roofs, and Ceilings

  • Creating Floors, Sketching, Boundary
  • Creating Sloped Arrows and Floors
  • Creating Sloped Floors via Shape Editing
  • Creating Openings by Sketching
  • Creating Openings with Shafts
  • Picking Walls, Laying Out Roofs
  • Creating Extruded Roofs
  • Adding Ceilings, Creating Automatic Ceilings
  • Sketching Ceilings
  • Adding Lights and Rotating the Grid
  • Changing the Ceilings

Stairs, Ramps, and Railings

  • Creating Stair Configurations, Generic Railing
  • Creating Design Stair, a Straight-Run Stair with Landing
  • Setting the Host Function for Railings
  • Designing Ramps, Creating a Straight-Run Ramp
  • Editing Boundary Conditions
  • Building Railings for Level and Sloped Conditions
  • Using the Set Host Function, Editing the Top Rail

Adding Families

  • Assigning Families to Categories
  • Working with System Families and Component Families
  • Using Hosted Families, Using Face-Based Families

Modifying Families

  • Editing View Display and Detail Level
  • View Scale and Detail Level
  • Editing the Family Category
  • Editing the Insertion Point
  • Modifying Family Geometry
  • Editing Profiles, Title Blocks

Schematic Design

  • Working from a Sketch
  • Importing Background Images
  • Accurately Scaling Images
  • Using Reference Planes and Levels
  • Creating and Placing Groups
  • Modelling In-Place Masses Base Mass, Middle Mass, Upper Mass
  • Working in 3D, Creating Mass Floors

Rooms and Colour-Fill Plans

  • Defining Rooms in Spaces
  • Room Tags, Room Boundaries
  • Room Separation Lines, Deleting Rooms
  • Generating Colour-Fill Room Plans
  • Colour Legend, Modifying Colour Schemes

Materials, Rendering, and Visualization

  • Using Materials
  • Editing Material Properties of Walls
  • Using Graphic Display Options
  • Presentation Elevation Drawing
  • Presentation 3D Isometric Drawing
  • 3D Exploded View, Rendering Graphics


  • Enabling Work-sharing
  • Preparing the Central File
  • Creating Central and Local Files
  • Work sets, Assigning Elements to Work sets
  • Saving to the Central File, Creating New Elements
  • Opening and Closing Work sets, Work sharing Display Modes
  • Editing Requests, Work sharing

Details and Annotations

  • Creating Details, Detail Line
  • Region, Component
  • Creating a Detail, Insulation, Detail Groups
  • Linework, Annotating Your Details
  • Dimensions, Tags, Text

Creating Drawing Sets

  • Creating Schedules, Making Schedules
  • Creating a Window Schedule
  • Creating a Room Schedule
  • Creating a Sheet List, Placing Views on Sheets
  • Adding Floor Plans to the Sheet
  • Adding the Schedules; Printing Documents
  • Exploring the Print Dialog Box, Setting, Range

Workflow and Site Modeming

  • Understanding a BIM Workflow
  • Staffing a BIM Project
  • Project Roles Using Revit Architecture
  • Adding Team Members to Fight Fires
  • Modelling a Site
  • Using a Top surface
  • Creating a Building Pad
  • Performing Quality Control on Your Model
  • Keeping an Eye on File Size
  • Dealing with Warnings

  • Autodesk Certified Professional
  • Lab Exercises, Project work, Unlimited Lab Access, Free Re-training
  • Instructor led hands-on classes.
  • 4 Weeks or Fast Track 4 Days
  • Revit Architecture Training on Weekdays, Weekends and Evenings
  • Live Instructor-Led Classes
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